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fantastic furoshiki

With all of my ruminating, I whittled down my options to two: another pair of trousers (black corduroy), or another pleated skirt (black silk). I wasn’t mentally ready to start either of them, so what did I make? Advertisements

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what to make?

Having recently finished one significant project and one major alteration that had been a to-do for ages, I now don’t have an obvious next project to work on. So, what to make? Seems like a simple question, and every other … Continue reading

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Big Star bag

This is a bag I made a couple years ago. All of the components came from the stash.

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variation on a theme: jaipur skirt

The notion of making up the same pattern two or more times in a row is a little foreign to me. However, just having finished my red linen skirt, suddenly my jaipur skirt alterations looked manageable.

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red linen skirt done!

Or technically, I should say “wearable”. I’ve basted the waist casing, so it’s not done done. But since the goal is wearing and I’ve gotten to that point, the “done” just doesn’t matter that much. “Wearable” is the climax; “done” … Continue reading

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red linen skirt progress

I’m pleased to report that the red linen skirt project is proceeding nicely. I last made one in 2008, and I seem to recall thinking at that time that I wouldn’t want to make more than one per year because … Continue reading

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Beautiful Blogger meme

Tanit-Isis has given me this lovely award! I’m still waiting for the generous cash prize 😉 In the meantime, I’m supposed to list 10 things about me you’d never guess, and pass the award on to five other beautiful bloggers. … Continue reading

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