Beautiful Blogger meme

Tanit-Isis has given me this lovely award!

I’m still waiting for the generous cash prize 😉 In the meantime, I’m supposed to list 10 things about me you’d never guess, and pass the award on to five other beautiful bloggers. However, I’m going to list only 7 things because 10 is hard to come up with, I suspect because of how brains are generally wired.

1. My first job was selling bets at a racetrack. I don’t think I ever placed a bet – I don’t like losing money.

2. I taught English in Japan for a year. This was one of the most formative experiences I’ve had. I also discovered that just because I’m petite doesn’t mean that clothes for Japanese women will actually fit me.

3. In an annual talent show at university, I sang Led Zeppelin songs two years running. I’ve also sung in a chapel choir.

4. I have a (very dusty) second degree black belt in Tae-Kwon Do.

5. I went to England to do a master’s degree.

6. The first dance form I got into seriously was Ukrainian. I’ve dabbled in Bhangra, Kathak, Egyptian bellydance and Salsa. I’ve been doing American Tribal Style bellydance for 6-7 years and will theoretically start teaching soonish.

7. I work with my mother and we get along quite well. Possibly because we live in different cities, but as I’m moving back to my hometown in the next while, I guess I’ll get to put that theory to the test.

I’m going to hold off on nominating anyone for the moment. I suspect that every blogger I read has been tagged already.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger meme

    1. Yes, indeed. The timing of the move is awkward for starting a class, but I’m supposed to sub for another tribal class for a few weeks in November, which will be cool. I might to actually start my own class for January.

    2. It’s going to be really odd not dancing with the ladies here. There’s no ATS group in Regina so the best I can do is start one…

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