Beautiful Blogger meme

Tanit-Isis has given me this lovely award!

I’m still waiting for the generous cash prize 😉 In the meantime, I’m supposed to list 10 things about me you’d never guess, and pass the award on to five other beautiful bloggers. However, I’m going to list only 7 things because 10 is hard to come up with, I suspect because of how brains are generally wired.

1. My first job was selling bets at a racetrack. I don’t think I ever placed a bet – I don’t like losing money.

2. I taught English in Japan for a year. This was one of the most formative experiences I’ve had. I also discovered that just because I’m petite doesn’t mean that clothes for Japanese women will actually fit me.

3. In an annual talent show at university, I sang Led Zeppelin songs two years running. I’ve also sung in a chapel choir.

4. I have a (very dusty) second degree black belt in Tae-Kwon Do.

5. I went to England to do a master’s degree.

6. The first dance form I got into seriously was Ukrainian. I’ve dabbled in Bhangra, Kathak, Egyptian bellydance and Salsa. I’ve been doing American Tribal Style bellydance for 6-7 years and will theoretically start teaching soonish.

7. I work with my mother and we get along quite well. Possibly because we live in different cities, but as I’m moving back to my hometown in the next while, I guess I’ll get to put that theory to the test.

I’m going to hold off on nominating anyone for the moment. I suspect that every blogger I read has been tagged already.


About Zena

I sew sometimes.
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3 Responses to Beautiful Blogger meme

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Hmm, does the moving-to-hometown thing coincide with the maybe-start-teaching thing? How exciting! (Though sad for the other dancers to lose you)

    • Zena says:

      Yes, indeed. The timing of the move is awkward for starting a class, but I’m supposed to sub for another tribal class for a few weeks in November, which will be cool. I might to actually start my own class for January.

    • Zena says:

      It’s going to be really odd not dancing with the ladies here. There’s no ATS group in Regina so the best I can do is start one…

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