red linen skirt done!

Or technically, I should say “wearable”. I’ve basted the waist casing, so it’s not done done. But since the goal is wearing and I’ve gotten to that point, the “done” just doesn’t matter that much. “Wearable” is the climax; “done” is dénouement.

I tested out the skirt at a low-key dance performance on Wed, and twirled a little more than absolutely necessary. This skirt flies; I love it! (The fabric, 3.5 oz from, is a little lighter and finer than the handkerchief weight that I bought from for the black skirt.)

I’m trying to bask in the doneness, if only to remember how nice it feels so I can use this for motivation to finish the million other projects that aren’t done.

Other, smaller projects that have also been caught up in the wave of done: mend sleeve placket for my husband (SA was too narrow and the sleeve fabric was just pulling out of the placket); trim and put rolled hem on fabric recently purchased for headwrap.


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4 Responses to red linen skirt done!

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Oh, it looks good! Now I want a bunch of red linen to make into a skirt in pale and shoddy imitation of yours. Of course, I also want dance performances so I would have a reason to wear it, but since I’m not dancing right now that’s a bit ridiculous of me.

    • Zena says:

      Thanks! Actually, I made this skirt with the primary intention of wearing it as Real Clothes on those occasions when I need/want to be a bit dressed up. The fact that I can also use it as dance costume (under the regulation black skirt) is a bonus 🙂

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