Big Star bag

This is a bag I made a couple years ago. All of the components came from the stash.

The bag itself is salvaged denim from worn-out jeans. The red fabric is a bit of velvet that I inherited ages ago. The Big Star image is from a T-shirt I wore out. On the opposite side, I sewed on one of the back pockets from the jeans (just cut out with pinking shears and stitched on, no finishing – very deconstructed/lazy). I did a bit of topstitching in heavy (yellow) jeans thread on the handles for decoration.

I handstitched around the edge of the T-shirt piece to attach it to the velvet, as well as around the motif to give it some depth. (This was the main reason for choosing velvet to go underneath, but the colour contrast it added was a bonus.)

Having used this bag quite a bit since I made it, there are a couple things I’d do differently:

  • finish the raw edge of the velvet somehow: the pinked edge helped a little, but it shed threads and pile from the edges for months
  • avoid the serged edges that came with the jeans: I thought I was being all clever – cutting the jeans and keeping the original seam that was already finished – but serging and keys don’t get along well at all

Other than that, I’m pretty happy with it.


About Zena

I sew sometimes.
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One Response to Big Star bag

  1. Big in Japan says:

    Hey, I’m glad you posted this, I was curious! Cool, one of a kind tote. I especially like the topstitching around the crown.

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