change of plan

It didn’t take long for me to realise that apron isn’t going to happen as I envisioned it. I got to thinking about that raspberry moth print and decided I wanted a furoshiki out of it instead. I only had a yard, so that’s that. Another big square!

raspberry moth print furoshiki

I started sewing the rolled hem and quickly noticed that the stitching was looking a little funny. I’d been having some trouble with this, so after just a few inches, I took it off the machine and checked. Sure enough, the tension was screwy: the bobbin thread was so loose that I could just pull the needle thread right out as though it was basting – and this with 2.5mm stitches.

I had had the machine in for a servicing last winter, and over the summer when this tension problem started up again, I took it back. After the service guy had a look at it, he reportedly said, “It’s sewing beautifully now.” Deftly non-committal: did he do anything to it or what? But it was sewing well.

Anyway, this time I wondered if it might have something to do with the needle. (I’m pretty sure I checked that possibility last time.) I swapped it out for a new one and it seems to be better now, so perhaps that was the problem in the first place.

The next project will definitely be the black silk skirt – as long as there are no other big-square emergencies that I can use to rationalise my procrastination.


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2 Responses to change of plan

  1. Big in Japan says:

    We all have big-square emergencies from time to time. Yours is very cute!
    I’m trapped in t-shirt land…

  2. Tanit-Isis says:

    That is very cute. I have about a metre of some cotton with flower fairies on it I got from Jen years ago… I wonder if I could convince the ten-year-old (who is hanging on to it fiercely despite being totally over the girly thing in most respects) to let me turn it into a big hemmed square instead of a big unhemmed square. Lord knows she’s got enough spare clothes in her closet to store in it ;)… though I have a feeling it would end up a hammock for beanie babies or something.

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