things I’m not sewing

I doesn’t look like I’m going to get any sewing done this weekend.

I’m hip-deep in grapes that need to be jam or jelly, and I’ve spent about 4 hours on that today without actually getting beyond the point of “prepared fruit”. This is going to take a while. And being perishable, the grapes get priority.

If I had the time and energy today, I’d probably be working on the black silk skirt, which I’ve decided will be my next clothing project. At the sari store where I bought it, it was labeled “raw silk”, but I’ve seen the same thing called dupioni. The warp is very fine (and I suspect it might actually be polyester), while the weft is thick and fluffy and ravels like mad. I’ve pre-washed it: after hemming the cut ends, I threw it in the machine. Sacrilege! I’d heard that you can do this to dupioni (if that’s indeed what it is) but it reduces the lustre. The black certainly seems less lustrous than the other pieces I haven’t washed. I’ll hand wash the skirt in future.

Another project I’ve been thinking about (but am some distance from actually doing anything about) is an apron. Over the last several months I’ve been baking pretty regularly, and though I tend to stay pretty clean, I thought an apron might be handy. I’ve never used an apron (with the possible exception of some miserable elementary/high school home ec experience that, if it happened, I’ve apparently blocked out), so this would be a bit of an experiment to see if I like it. I’m envisioning the moth print that I used on the furoshiki (yellow moths with navy/aqua background) perhaps with a contrasting waistband/tie and pockets, using the same print in a different colour (yellow moths with a burgundy/raspberry background). Or not. You’ll have to wait and see.


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