agonising over details: black silk skirt

For some reason, I’m finding it hard to make up my mind as to the details of this black silk skirt.

I’ve done two knee-length skirts so far and thought of a bunch of things I could do differently on this one: fitted yoke? knife pleats? different pattern layout? After agonising over these points for a while, I decided I’d keep it simple and just do this one like I’ve done the others so far: front and back will be one selvage-to-selvage panel each, big box pleats*, deep hem, unshaped yoke, drawstring doing up at the right side. I’m also going to add side seam pockets. So far, so good.

After coming to a conclusion on these details, I had to go and think of new ones. I’ve never done a skirt using this raw silk before and it’s pretty thin. It might be too insubstantial without some help. I don’t plan to buy lining fabric, but I have three options using fabric I already own: (1) double the fabric so it’s self lined; (2) line with flannel-backed lining in the stash, which is already packed (I’m moving in a couple weeks) and there probably isn’t enough anyway; (3) line with some 100% cotton broadcloth in the stash and there would be enough.

I can’t satisfactorily predict how this skirt will drape, with or without lining. Whatever I do, it’ll be a learning experience – maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t. But first I have to pick a method. Actually, I was hoping you could pick the method – though I reserve the right not to do it your way if I decide you’re wrong.



* Meaning [big] [box pleats], not [big box] [pleats], which would probably be sourced overseas with poor labour conditions, and then require a lot of driving to get them.


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3 Responses to agonising over details: black silk skirt

  1. Zena says:

    I’ve done very little sewing with this kind of silk, but some online research suggests that the seams will likely pull, so I should underline. If I do this with something other than the fabrics mentioned above, I’ll probably order some silk organza. So now my question is whether underlining with silk organza would be better in any way than option (1) self-lining. (I foresee this black silk getting packed before I make anything out of it.)

  2. Big in Japan says:

    I’m of no help whatsoever, so I vote for packing it up and focusing on your upcoming move. Perhaps the answer will become clear with a little time away.怀怀

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