the stash

I’ve officially absolved myself from my usual sense of sewing obligation (all completely self-imposed) while the moving preparations kick into high gear.

I took photos of my boxes so I’d know what was in them, and since I’m not doing any sewing right now*, you get pictures of fabric in boxes. There are four boxes so far (and probably only one more to go), but one of the four wasn’t very photogenic.

box 1

Box 1 contents include a piece of indigo cotton print (dragonflies) from Japan, a few pieces of silk, a light tan and brown cotton print from Namibia, and some cotton twills, mixed in with some other bits.

box 2

Box 2 is mostly linen, with some fabric for trousers/pants (including some wool), and a fair-sized piece of silk leftover from a dress I made a number of years ago.

box 3

Box 3 is more linen, some wool, more indigo cotton print (arrow pattern) from Japan, and a piece of mulberry-coloured silk brocade from China.

I like all this fabric but much  of it was bought with particular projects in mind that I’m no longer committed to making. Like my approach to sewing, my stash is also in transition, I guess. At some point, I’ll probably release some of this back into the wild, but not until well after the move.


* Not entirely true. I mended 3 items today, and sewed up a completely boring pillowcase that I had cut some time ago and was too lazy to work on. (At least it was linen, so it was pleasant enough to work with.) And just now, while I was writing about getting stuff done today and feeling all clever, I realised that I have another current (and I use the term loosely) project bin that I had forgotten about. Damn it!


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