still not moved

Here we are, more than halfway through November, and we’re still not moved. Sigh. We’re waiting on the hardwood floors to get refinished, and it’s been hard to get the flooring guys in. The floors should be finished and walk-on-able in a week – just in time for us to frantically move in and then pack for a trip overseas. While this doesn’t exactly revolve around sewing, I am looking forward to being able to cut out fabric somewhere other than in the kitchen, and tidy up after a spate of sewing with a little broom action rather than having to haul out the vacuum. (No dedicated sewing room for me, alas. The house is too small. But we’re not really going to use the dining room…)

It’s starting to get a bit annoying that I don’t have my sewing stuff handy, though hardly crisis proportions yet. I’ll probably nip out tomorrow and pick up some heavy thread and a packet of needles so I can repair the popped stitching on one of my winter boots. (It’s odd having a cold spot the size of a nickel on the back of my ankle though so far have had no need to walk through the dump of snow that arrived yesterday.) The fuzzy lining is wearing pretty thin in places, so when I can get at my scraps, I’d like to try tacking in some pieces of wool. I knew I’d been hoarding those for years for a reason 😉

I had hoped to make a new tote bag before the trip. Not feasible now, but I’ve gotten farther along with the design at least. I want to put some pockets on the inside so all the good stuff doesn’t end up at the bottom.

The visions of projects dancing in my head these days are all sewing from the stash. Having packed it all up, I’m particularly motivated to make a dent in it. (It’s nowhere near bad enough to make a reality show about, but it’s more than I want or need, and some of the pieces have gone from “well-cured” to “stale” or “ugh”.) And having written a lot of cheques to tradespeople today, I’m not sure there’s any fabric (or clothing) allowance in the budget for a few months.


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