wool hat

While in London, my husband and I noticed some people checking out my hat. I choose to believe that was because they liked it, as opposed to the alternatives.

The hat is simplicity itself. It’s basically a cylinder with an oval cross section, rather than completely round. The top is theoretically the shape of my head (around eyebrows, top of ears, and occipital bone). The front-sides-back is a rectangle that was long enough to fold up. The fabric has a little give to it, and I stay stitched but didn’t otherwise finish the raw edge

The fabric is a heavy, double-sided wool. I bought it with a different style of hat in mind, then never made what I had originally planned. Story of my life. I felted it up a little in the washing machine with the idea that it would block the cold air more effectively. I like to think that this worked, since I plugged the machine in the process, necessitating a plumber. Even so, it was probably still cheaper to make than buy 😉



About Zena

I sew sometimes.
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One Response to wool hat

  1. Marie-Christine says:

    In places with pretty much a uniform, like most anywhere in Europe, it can be very refreshing to the eye to see something different. You get interpreted as a wonderfully bold and creative person just for daring to wear something else. So yes, most likely people were enjoying your hat :-).
    Next time, wear a bright red one.

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