vertical proportions

I found the Body Proportions Explained post on Inside Out Style to be quite interesting.

Clothes are designed to some kind of standard proportions. We are all familiar with the horizontal measurements, such as bust, waist, hips. There is also a set of standard vertical measurements based on the assumption that (a) a person is 8 heads tall, and (b) that height is spread evenly over the frame. Apparently the landmarks for those 8 units are as follows:

1. Head length (top of head to chin)
2. bottom of chin to nipple (mid bust)
3. mid bust to navel (narrowest part of the waist)
4. navel to leg break (this is where the leg bends up at the hip, where you will see majority of trouser creasing, and is just above the crotch).
5. leg break to mid thigh
6. mid thigh to mid knee
7. mid knee to mid calf
8. mid calf to foot

Ideally, the height of each unit is the same.

My measurements are as follows:
1. 9
2. 9
3. 8
4. 5
5. 7
6. 7
7. 8.5
8. 8.5

So the bulk of my short happens from navel to leg break, which is why the rise of trousers/pants is always too long. This makes fitting tops and bottoms through the waist a bit of a challenge, and helps explain why I go squirrelly with waistbands at my natural waist.


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