zipper indecision

I managed to locate my trouser pattern with a minimum of frustration (woo!), so I’ve cut out the fronts (except for the crotch curve) and backs. I would like to get stitching, but I’m not sure how I want to handle the zipper. I’m trying to think a few steps ahead but in the process became paralysed with indecision. So I took a nap. That’s one nice thing about sewing on a holiday.

The options I’m considering are:

+ I don’t find it particularly intimidating
+ I like how it looks/most RTW is done this way
+ it works well with belt loops
– it needs a separate waistband, which is more bother than I really want (my waistband pattern is a little rough and not entirely dependable yet)
– it needs a button and buttonhole (I hate trouser hooks); I’ve been hesitant to do it this way because I’m not certain that my machine would make a nice buttonhole through all the layers – easy enough to test though, I suppose
– it’s a little more involved than I really want – I’d like to keep it simple

Invisible zipper
+ no waistband needed – I’d like to try a shaped petersham waist facing, which should be pretty easy
+ no button or buttonhole – I’d probably close the top with a hidden hook and eye
– I’ve never used an invisible zipper on a garment before (I did a sample one as part of a workshop years ago)
? I think it might look weird with belt loops
? is it weird to put an invisible zipper in the front? I wouldn’t put it in the side (I prefer to avoid putting a zipper into a curve, and I expect to have to tweak the sides a fair amount), and while I don’t object to the idea of putting it in the back, that wouldn’t work with the belt

The fabric is a very dark green (reads as black) with with asymmetric pinstripes in white and light blue, and it has a little stretch. I won’t be putting in any pockets. The waist will be below my natural waistline. I’m going for work-appropriate but comfortable (i.e. I need to be able to sit cross-legged).

Having written out the pros and cons, I’m leaning towards invisible zipper in front with belt loops. If I’m on crack, please talk me out of it.


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One Response to zipper indecision

  1. Zena says:

    Update: I’ve inserted the invisible zipper in the front and it’s working just fine in the fitting stages, but I can’t speak to the belt-loop issue just yet.

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