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I haven’t posted in ages, but it’s not because I haven’t been sewing. I just haven’t been finishing. Things have been going very slowly on my striped trousers (having a full-time job can put a damper on things), and I’ve ripped I don’t know how many times.

The side seams are finally passable. My last iteration had one leg slightly larger than the other, which was perfect for the larger trouser leg and noticeably too tight on the other. It seemed like the hips were too snug (over-fitted, as seems to be my habit) but when I let them out, I ended up with flaps.

I think I’m ready to move on to finishing the waistband, which I’m doing with petersham. I had shaped the petersham before doing a little online research that reminded me that you’re supposed to preshrink in hot water, then press the sodden stuff into shape. Good thing I did preshrink, as I seem to have lost about 3″ in circumference. It would be a drag to lose that after finishing. I put a little too much curve in (how is that even possible?), so flattening out the curve will have to wait for my next sewing day, whenever that is.

So this is what you get for a photo:

Stripey trousers in the works. The red petersham in the background on the left will be the waist facing.

I have been good at not adding to the stash since before the move last fall. Then I saw some gold silk dupioni in the bargain section at $4/m (regular $22). It took a while to figure out what I could do with it, and then I saw a video of a dance group with a gold accent theme. I decided that I’d make a gold hip scarf. Then I’d need some fringe – hey, it’s buy 1 get 2 free! Oh, and a pair of gold pantaloons would be very slick. I haven’t made any of this yet, haven’t even prewashed the fabric. The stuff below is what I’ll be working with. You know, when I (hopefully briefly) abandon my very sensible plan to only make stuff I’m likely to wear regularly.

Gold silk dupioni and fringe for a hip scarf and pantaloons. At least that's what the plan is today. The colour of the fabric in real life is a little paler and more to the green side than the orange side.

The pantaloons will be kinda practical – the group I now dance with has a habit of wearing finery for practice, on the theory that one shouldn’t save it only for the handful of performances we have over the year. And I’ll be teaching a dance class over the summer at an SCA event, so yoga pants won’t cut it.

I have two pairs of pantaloons already. One is the first pair I made in 2004. It’s a thin linen that I quite like, but it’s a bit see-through so can’t be worn without a skirt on top. The other pair is nice drapey silk that snags easily, so I tend to only pull them out for special occasions. The dupioni should make a good compromise between flash and substance.


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