8 Oct 2011 MAF

Today’s alteration was to add a removable and washable sweatband to a summer hat. Here’s the hat:

floppy hat

It may look somewhat familiar.

I wanted a strip of fabric that was about 1¼” wide, with a fold on one side and raw edge on the other. I cut a strip of fabric that was the proper width for feeding through my bias-tape maker. Pressed the normal way, then opened up one side and pressed it out flat. Machine edgestitched the fold in place. Whipstitched the fabric to the existing (non-removable) inner band. Voilá.

Sweatband. I didn't make it full length as I was only worried about where the hat would touch skin.

Then I turned my attention to a rather complex mending project. My husband’s messenger bag was damaged – the top corner of a large front pocket on the body of the bag had pulled out of the seam. The pocket fabric is rubberized on the back but the SA apparently wasn’t wide enough. I ripped out all the stitching and started fresh.

Step 1: Rip out all the stitching.

Step 2: Stitch loose threads (still mostly stuck together with rubber stuff) back more or less where they belong using triple-stitch zigzag.

Step 3: Make a wrap-around patch from densely woven polyester.

Step 4: Clip patch in place.

Step 5: Machine stitch into place, catching the back at the same time.

Step 6: Clip pocket to one layer of bag body, backstitch using platinum needle (which goes through fabric like it was buttered - the needle, not the fabric).

Step 7: Clip to other layer of bag body.

Step 8: Backstitch together using stabstitch ("backstab-stitch") - produces cleaner results than regular backstitch.

Step 9: Clip seam binding into place. Backstab-stitch using doubled thread.

Step 10: Admire the tidy stitching.

C'est fini!

Did you think I was terribly well behaved and disciplined in order to get this done? I confess that today’s work is all about structured procrastination.* You see, while I was busy with these projects, I was actually successfully avoiding working on my stripey pants/trousers, which (if done) would be way more useful than either of these two projects. Hah! So clever 😉

* In fact, the author of this article won an Ig Nobel Prize for his work in Sep 2011.


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