12 Oct 2011 MAF

I can’t believe I found more of these projects to work on!

mending and altering/finishing

1. Green sweater. Mending: a vertical seam on the turtleneck had popped – easy to stitch closed again.

2. Wine tie-dye skirt. (I got so many people visiting the blog – mistakenly, I assume – when I used the j-word last time that I’m not going to drop it again!)

This one fits into both the altering and finishing categories. I had bought a skirt that was much too long and decided to shorten it from the top, which was fairly major surgery. I got to the point of basting the waist casing before I ran out of enthusiasm. (Sound familiar?) Having just completed the waist casing on the red linen skirt, I put this skirt on and tried the same adjustment (a slight lowering of CF), which seemed to do the trick here as well.

On one hand, I find it a little hard to believe (and embarrassing) that I let this sit for over a year (!) being merely wearable before I got up the motivation to finish it off. On the other hand, the old group uses black skirts and the new group uses solid jewel tones, so there isn’t a lot of call for the tie-dye. Also, it was a bit of a bother to deal with the two (loosely basted) layers of the yoke. That’s probably why I found it squirrelled away in a bin in the basement, lonesome and forgotten.

inside yoke of skirt, showing black linen underlining

In non-sewing news, I recently took my 18-year-old, but otherwise quite healthy, cat in for surgery to remove a cancerous growth on her toe. Unfortunately, it was necessary to take off the entire toe and we still weren’t sure if they’d get it all. The good news is that the test results are in and, yes, they got it all. So here’s my cat:

Noko doesn't seem to be too bothered about missing a toe.

[I thought I’d published this post already but I discovered it in the list of drafts. Oops!]


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