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a look and a find

Saturday night was the dance performance for which I made that flowery belt. The theme for our piece was the Day of the Dead, hence skulls and flowers. Apparently, it was a little freaky from the audience’s perspective. It was … Continue reading

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back to basics with shape

I’ve found that trying to figure out my style, revamp my wardrobe and figure out where I should be spending my sewing time is such a big topic that it’s hard to even know where to start. After posting about … Continue reading

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20 Nov 2011 MAF

I know there must be at least a few people out in internet-land who actually mend clothes. Zoe, of ‘So, Zo…’, subscribes to the notion of “Make do and mend”, which she most recently discussed here. Mending isn’t exactly glamourous. … Continue reading

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ease in drawstring trousers

Apparently someone would like to know how much ease should be included in drawstring trousers. Apparently that someone found my blog on the basis of that question, but they didn’t find their answer here. So here’s a little Google penance* … Continue reading

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tip: comforter cover ties

How to make putting your comforter in its cover easy, the Japanese way: sew ties to the corners and midpoints of the comforter itself (I used 8″ lengths of ½” wide twill tape, folded in half – I wouldn’t go … Continue reading

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back to square

Not back to square one, just back to square. The trousers and I are trying some time apart to see if it helps resolve some of our issues, and in the meantime, in order to accomplish something without tearing my … Continue reading

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back to basics with colour

You know what’s easier than making trousers that fit? Rifling through the stash and reorganizing it, that’s what. I started re-thinking colour a while ago, once it occurred to me that perhaps I was choosing particular colours for clothing out … Continue reading

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