costume belt

We’ve got a dance performance coming up at the end of November, which requires a bit of new costuming. I’m used to collecting jewelry or slowly (ever so slowly) making garments, which results in a look that gradually evolves from one performance to the next. So I’m a bit iffy about assembling a complete costume for one show only.

Our costumes are to be a black scoop or V-neck top and a black skirt. As this instructor usually hates black, I’m one of very few who actually have a black skirt in the closet. Win!

I don’t generally wear scoop or V-necks and the idea of buying such a top (regardless of quality or price) seems a little silly. However, I recently wore out a black crew-neck top; I wouldn’t wear it for reals, but for one night of costume, I think I can make it work. Win!

We’re taking black belts and decorating them with brightly coloured flowers. The others have bought wide elastic belts for the job. I haven’t. Who can say whether it’s my dislike for buying something that I wouldn’t use again for real clothes or costume, or for buying something that’s very likely been shipped over from a Chinese sweatshop, or for the undoubtedly crappy quality of a $5 belt, or my by-now instinctive contrariness, or my desire to make something myself strictly from stash to feel mildly smug about. I think it’s a little of all of that, with a healthy dose of a pragmatic “that elastic will never stay put at my hips”.

It so happens that I had a brainwave a couple of years ago to fit up a paper template for a wide hip belt, with no specific project in mind. I now can’t find the paper pattern – I think it’s in an alternate dimension with my scissors, which still haven’t reappeared. Fortunately, I had done up a muslin of it, and I still have that. Win!

To get the desired stiffness, I used cotton twill on the inside and outside, and sandwiched some old denim between. The ties at CF were made using a tape maker, as usual.

belt base

I ended up with plan B colours as plan A colours weren’t available, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

belt with teal roses and disassembled red hydrangea

After pinning everything into place, it occurred to me that if I’m only wearing it the once, there isn’t a lot of point in spending 3 hours stitching it all together. As the sharp ends are all on the outside under the petals, I’ll just have to be careful when I grab it.

And of the 4 sets of fringe that have come my way for this project, the one that seems to be the best match for the red is the one fringe I actually own. Win!

All of the win experienced on this project makes the stagnant pool of lose on the stripey trousers just a little easier to bear. Details forthcoming when I’m less irritated.


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2 Responses to costume belt

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    It looks great! Good luck with the stripey pants, and have fun with the performance (and don’t poke yourself!)

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