tip: comforter cover ties

How to make putting your comforter in its cover easy, the Japanese way:

  • sew ties to the corners and midpoints of the comforter itself (I used 8″ lengths of ½” wide twill tape, folded in half – I wouldn’t go any shorter than this – an inch or two longer would be better)
  • sew loops to the corners and midpoints of the comforter cover (I used 3″ lengths of the same twill tape, folded in half, with about a ½” SA from the raw edges making the loop about 1″ long)
  • with cover inside out and with loops facing up, put the comforter on top and tie all the ties
  • flip cover right side out
  • the comforter is in its cover without a half-hour of fussing to get everything where it belongs – yay!

Loop on the cover and ties on the comforter. I used the same twill tape for loops and ties, but the ties are older and the loops are new, hence the different appearance.

What makes this Japanese? On the basis of the items that my place in Japan was stocked with, it was my impression that all comforters and covers came standard with ties and loops there.


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One Response to tip: comforter cover ties

  1. Bonnie says:

    Great idea, I just might do this with mine as they are a pain to get in place for sure!!!

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