20 Nov 2011 MAF

I know there must be at least a few people out in internet-land who actually mend clothes. Zoe, of ‘So, Zo…’, subscribes to the notion of “Make do and mend”, which she most recently discussed here. Mending isn’t exactly glamourous. Unlike when you make your new fabulous whatever, the whole point of mending is to try to make your work invisible. But unlike sewing from scratch, mending is often a fairly quick job: it’s much more satisfying to me to spend 15 minutes fixing a hem than making some quick craft, which will likely get tossed in the not too distant future. Just because you make something doesn’t mean you’re not also consuming.

On to the latest mending job. This green sweater is completely ungrateful. How else can you explain the fact that, after being rescued from the box of clothes to get rid of, it has required not one but two repairs?

This time I discovered a small hole in the ribbing on the back. (The fact that I have another sweater that got a small hole in the ribbing on the back some time ago suggests that perhaps this is a result of wear and not actually a flaw.) Left to its own devices, this would certainly worsen.

the hole, wrong side

I wanted to try to re-knit the parts of the hole that had run, but the knit is so dense that I couldn’t really see what was going on. So, with needle and matching thread, I just stitched through every loop to ensure that it wouldn’t run any futher, then stitched across the hole to bring the edges together. It’s not perfect, but no one will ever notice. (Well, except for the fact that I drew attention to it on the internets.)

the mended hole, right side (sorry about the focus)



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