ease in drawstring trousers

Apparently someone would like to know how much ease should be included in drawstring trousers. Apparently that someone found my blog on the basis of that question, but they didn’t find their answer here. So here’s a little Google penance* in the form of an answer to the question.

Well, I can’t tell you how much it’s supposed to be, but I can tell you what I did. Of course, the only place on drawstring trousers where ease is a real issue is the hip and upper thigh. The waist of the garment must be big enough to get on over the hips. (If you have a narrow waist and bigger hips, that’s a lot of fabric. Consider making your trousers with a lower rise so they stop at a wider point on your body and you get less wrinkling.) The width of at the hem/cuff is up to you but it tends to be wide because drawstring trousers are generally loose.

At the point of my fullest upper thigh measurement, the ease is about 2½”/6.5 cm, and it’s about 4 or 4½”/10-11.5 cm at the hip. I’m petite and it doesn’t take much for me to be swimming in fabric, especially the slightly stiff linen I used, so my ease is probably on the low end. You might want to use more or less ease than what I used, depending on your size and the drape of your fabric.

* It appears that the term “Google penance” was coined by the Got Medieval guy (explanation is found in a footnote to that post). It makes particular sense in the context of a blog about things medieval; BST is not a blog about things medieval but it seems like the perfect name so I’m going to use it anyway.


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