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shoe bags

I made some shoe bags for Christmas, which is a nice way to use up scraps. I like to press the casing while everything is still flat. I folded the top edge over at 1ΒΌ” and pressed, then folded the … Continue reading

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tip: sharpening pins

When I bought a new box of pins a while ago, I was disappointed to find that a fair number of them had a little ‘hook’ on the end that tended to snag fabric. I got myself a little sandpaper … Continue reading

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tip: getting blood out of fabric

The blood in Blood, Sweatshop & Tears comes from the inevitable (but fortunately infrequent) jabs from pins. So far, I’ve been lucky not to bleed on anything, but if it happens, I know what to do. Spit on it. (Saliva … Continue reading

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purple trousers revisited

I hadn’t been wearing these trousers lately, as I found them uncomfortable. But I recently started thinking that they might be salvageable. The problem After I wore them a few times, I knew they were uncomfortably snug through the thigh. … Continue reading

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trousers revisited

Inspired by Ali’s fairly recent post about failed pants, and having realised how the mirror gives different feedback than a photo, I figured it would be a helpful exercise to revisit some of the trousers I’ve made to see if … Continue reading

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dance performance

So here we all are in our Day of the Dead outfits (first mentioned here). Everyone made their own flower belts and headpieces, although the folks wearing turbans (myself included) just had to tuck or pin flowers to the turban … Continue reading

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