dance costume in action

Here are some photos from a performance in February so you can see what  it looks like when the pieces come together.

The textiles I’m wearing here:

  • black base turban – made (well, hemmed)
  • ikat accent scarf – bought
  • coin bra – made from scratch
  • top – bought and modified (fairly crappy T-shirt with the bottom whacked off)
  • gold silk pantaloons – made
  • skirt – bought, then remade and eventually even finished(!)
  • tassel belt and fringe – borrowed

The tassel belt is a Flying Skirts piece. Nicely put together but too long for me (surprise), though you can’t really see that in this photo. I measured it thoroughly and plotted it out before giving it back, and some day I plan to build my own inspired by this one.

Bill Allen photo.

Odd thing about the turban: seemingly paradoxically, I think it may make me look shorter. Although my proportions are non-standard, my thigh crease falls precisely at my vertical midpoint, where it’s apparently supposed to. My theory is that because the turban adds height on the top half, it makes my legs look kinda short in proportion. Also, I’m thinking that hiking the skirt up in front is creating a horizontal line that isn’t doing me any favours, especially given the width of the skirt at the bottom. I think I may need to explore some belts with more long vertical lines. Nevermind wardrobe consultants, how about a costume consultant? Now that would be an interesting job!

Bill Allen photo.

A reasonably close shot, and you still can’t see the fake lashes. Why bother?! Oh yeah, without them it would probably look like I had an eyelash amputation or something.


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I sew sometimes.
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