technical difficulties are (hopefully) temporary

I haven’t posted for a while, for a few different reasons. First, I was just busy. I figure if I have limited time, my first priority is actually sewing. Blogging about it comes second.

I don’t remember what all I was busy with throughout August, but September was spent preparing for my husband’s move to England to do a PhD in history. I knew that there was going to be a black tie event to attend, and I didn’t have anything appropriate to wear. My first choice was to make something from scratch but that didn’t come together, so I refashioned a dress I had made some years ago. It began life as a very long sheath dress, but I concluded that the proportions just weren’t doing me any favours, so I whacked it off at about knee-length. Simple job (aside from the slitheriness of the silk) that updated the dress nicely. Photos? Ah, well, I’m getting to that issue.

The last week of September and the first week of October were spent in England. My husband was being a new student and doing new-student-in-a-new-country things. I was being a tourist sometimes and pit crew the rest, which made for a slightly odd and hard-to-plan-for trip. I wore the dress to the event and it worked nicely, though much was concealed due to the fact that (a) we were in a chilly 14th c chapel and so I had a shawl on most of the time, and (b) it became quite packed so no one could see below about the waist anyway. Waste of some perfectly lovely and rather uncomfortable shoes.

Since my return, there has been a major change in day to day matters, as you might expect. For the first time in about 13 years, I am responsible for all groceries, cooking and dishes. (I bake regularly, but seriously have not made supper for that long. My husband is a bit more of a picky eater than I am.) While I am eating quite a bit better than I did last time (when I was in Japan, was buying Japanese food, and didn’t have a proper cookbook), it does take up time. I now have evenings where this is all I manage to do. While I don’t mind the odd recipe on a sewing blog, it’s just not quite what I want for this blog, and my accomplishments are rather mundane. Add to that the fact that I’ve been going to bed earlier and I can’t sew when I’m tired…

In recent weeks, I’ve been trying to develop a TNT pattern for T-shirts. I know, aim high, right? I’ve got good fit to about the bust level, but I’m getting looseness and pooling around the back waist and have been unable to correct this so far. I don’t expect perfection (I don’t think I do anyway – it’s sometimes hard to maintain perspective), but there’s something odd going on. I can’t narrow down the issue – it could be swayback, or simple shortness, or improper use of a multisize pattern, or using the wrong kind of knit for my test shirts (I know it’s the wrong knit, but I’m not sure if that’s responsible for the particular issue). So this is stalled.

A few weeks ago, my laptop screen decided to stop working. It’s getting power but there are no images, so the photos that I already uploaded from the camera are trapped in  purgatory, and I’ve been too busy to try to get this resolved. I can take photos with my iPad, but it won’t load the WordPress site. Foo.

So I’m still here, still sewing (occasionally, though not really producing anything at the mo), still following other blogs, still having ideas.  My husband will be back for the Christmas break in a little under 2 weeks (!), which will shake things up again.

Are sewing blogs without photos a complete waste of everyone’s time? How do you feel about non-sewing stuff on a sewing blog?


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7 Responses to technical difficulties are (hopefully) temporary

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Wow, congratulations to your hubby—although I think living apart like that would drive me absolutely batty. Actually, I know it would, mine took a two week vacation this summer without me and by the end of the first week we were both going pretty nuts. The first week was absolutely heavenly, though (and I think the only time I turned the stove on during the whole two weeks was to make tea…)

    That sucks about the camera/laptop/photos thing—I’m very curious about the T-shirt issues (getting mine figured out was fairly brutal, too, and it still has swayback ripples. The fix, allegedly, aside from a CB seam, is squaring the back shoulders a bit more, but my shoulders are already super square so I’m reluctant to do that.)

    I must admit there are several otherwise great sewing blogs I don’t read because of too much cooking stuff, but I’m pretty sure I’ll read your posts regardless. (I also think I’m a bit odd in my lack of food motivation… see the above bit about not cooking for two weeks.)

    And finally, do you have the wordpress app for iPad? I find it works fairly well for posting (for me), although I still prefer to use my laptop.

    Hope you’re enjoying the single life! 🙂

    • Zena says:

      I’m finding that being apart isn’t as bad as I expected. It helps that we Skype daily (schedules permitting) and email repeatedly through the day. I think he’s having a harder time of it, probably because he’s farther out of his comfort zone than I am.

      I cut 3 t-shirts. #1 was length adjustments only. #2 added 1/2″ to the shoulder length and smoothed out some wonkiness from blending between 2 sizes below the waist. #3 added more shoulder width (another 1/4″) and the shoulder adjustment for swayback. This… did not work. I still had pooling, but then I had diagonal wrinkles from neck to armpit.

      The great thing about baking or cooking is that it’s rarely inedible and a total waste. It’s almost performative actually: you make something and eat it and then it’s just a memory. If it turned out well, you remember the script and repeat the performance. Sewing makes a permanent object, which will mock you given the chance.

      I didn’t know about the app. It didn’t tell me about it when I went to the site, and looking for an app just didn’t occur to me. I’ve installed it now and it seems to work. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Fourt says:

    Thanks again for your comment, I’m embarrassingly slow in replying to them lately, sorry! I didn’t know my blog was on Inside Out Style?? Sounds like we share a love of ethnic textiles… although I don’t actually make costumes usually!
    And I have just realised you have a photoblog of your cat, so I’m just going to head over there for a bit…

  3. aggh I was trying to type in “Fourth Daughter” but pressed “enter” by accident… so now I’m “Fourt”!!!

  4. ravensmarch says:

    I’m perpetually going off on tangents on what is purportedly a blog about pens. I shouldn’t worry about the odd scenic side-trip now and again.

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