sorry for all the crappy photos

Problem #1


When I get home after work, it’s already dark. No outdoor photos. We can have snow for about 5 months of the year.

Problem #1a
No landscaping

Even in the summer, outdoor photos are a bit of a no go. The back yard is a bunch of dirt, a space where a deck used to be, and aged, falling-down fences on three sides. Not pretty. The front yard is small, just grass, with the only view being neighbours’ houses.

Problem #2
Dark interior

I like my house, but it’s quite dark inside. It’s pleasant for being in but crappy for photos.

Problem #3
Computer issues

My laptop isn’t working. (I’ve done precisely nothing about it, yet it’s still broken.) I’m stuck using the camera on the iPad.

Problem #4

No comment.

So yes, I’m aware of the issue, but no, it’s not likely to change any time soon!


About Zena

I sew sometimes.
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