it’s curtains for you!

My husband asked me to make him some sheer curtains for his south-facing dorm room in the UK. He has black-out curtains, but nothing to both allow light in and block direct sun. (Yes, they do get direct sun occasionally.)

He brought me some measurements and I made two curtains out of thin linen-cotton that’s been in the stash for ages (the same stuff that I used for the garment bags). I figured that two selvage-to-selvage pieces would be wide enough, and that way there’s no finishing required on the sides. Top and bottom were folded twice and stitched.

He doesn’t want to tie the sheers directly to the existing curtain rod, because he’d have to untie them every time he wanted to close the black-out curtains. Instead, he wants to attach the sheers to the brackets supporting the rod, so hopefully he can continue to open and close the curtains as usual. I made ties using my tape maker and placed them where we figure the brackets are.

Here’s the pair of curtains. Super boring photo, right?


So we decided to spice it up a bit.


By the way, that one item in the foreground is NOT REAL! Cannot stress this enough!

stash -3.0 m

5 thoughts on “it’s curtains for you!

  1. You are so generous! 😉 also, the last picture totally cracked me up. And it didn’t even occur to me that the gun might be real.

    … Hmm, do I know *anyone* who owns a real hamdgun???

    1. The real ones aren’t legal here, so no, you probably don’t. (And they’re really not legal in Japan where this particular artifact was purchased, which is why it can be so realistic.) But who knows where my potential audience might live and what the norm is there. I even find the fake ones creepy, which is probably why I felt the need for a disclaimer.

      FYI, the cigars are direct from Cuba and thus generally off-limits to Americans. The Spicebox whiskey is a recent discovery of ours. It’s a Canadian brand with spices and vanilla. The story is that the flavouring concealed the fact that it was booze, which made it easier to bootleg into the US during Prohibition. (It’s also very tasty!)

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