dye job

I’ve been rather uninspired by some of my clothes in part because the colour of them doesn’t quite work for me. I figure I’m a soft summer meaning that colours should generally be cool and soft, but some of my items are too bright/clear to be especially flattering.

Rit powder dye 30 Navy Blue, which I would call "indigo"
Rit powder dye 30 Navy Blue, which I would call “indigo”

I finally decided to try dyeing some items. I’ve done very little dyeing so far, so it took me a while to psych myself up. I used Rit powder in Navy Blue.

What I started with:

before; shirts 3 & 4 are wet in this photo
Before: shirts 2 & 3 are (were) essentially the same shade; shirts 3 & 4 are damp here

1. 100% cotton, somewhere between sky blue and cornflower blue (electric indigo?)

2. 100% cotton, purple verging slightly toward red (mulberry?)

3. 51% lyocell, 44% cotton, 5% spandex, purple verging slightly toward red (mulberry?) (almost exactly same colour as the previous shirt, maybe slightly less red; looks darker in the photo mostly because it’s damp and #2 isn’t)

4. 60% cotton, 40% modal, bright red with a touch of pink (watermelon, carmine? this one is also damp in the photo)

Method: The dye packet (32g) was enough to dye 500g of fabric, and each shirt  is about 250g. For dark colours, they advised to double the dye amount. I used the whole packet, stove-top method, and added 250g salt per the instructions for cotton. So this was the correct amount to dye one shirt dark, or to tint two shirts.

After: shirts 1 & 3 have been dyed, 2 & 4 have not
After: shirts 1 & 3 have been dyed, 2 & 4 have not

I started with shirt #3, one of the purples. It became a lovely dark eggplant/aubergine (it has the darkness and slight muddiness of navy, but reads as purple), which is darker than I had in mind but I’m quite happy with it anyway.

Then I threw in shirt #1, the blue. It was in the pot for about 20 min and I was less attentive to it than the first shirt but the colour came out even. My goal was to dull the colour somewhat without making it terribly dark. It became light navy blue (if that isn’t an oxymoron), which is 2-3 shades darker than before and basically what I had hoped for.

I didn’t dye shirt #2 – I wanted to see how the other purple shirt turned out first. I also didn’t do #4, the red one; since the original colour is so different from the dye and I lack dyeing experience, I figured it would be wise at this point to try a colour closer to the original.

While putting together this post, I found a handy website that allows you to search for colours using a colour chart rather than text: encycolorpedia.com.

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