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know thyself

Going through some Shitty Stuff last fall and winter, decluttering, and getting some sewing done over the summer. The connection? I learned some things about myself and began to apply them. The Shitty Stuff led me to be more introspective, … Continue reading

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England and France

Immediately after I got back from a trip to England and France (like 2 months ago), I had this idea for a post and am only getting to it now. Where does the time go? As with the previous trip, … Continue reading

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back to basics with shape

I’ve found that trying to figure out my style, revamp my wardrobe and figure out where I should be spending my sewing time is such a big topic that it’s hard to even know where to start. After posting about … Continue reading

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back to basics with colour

You know what’s easier than making trousers that fit? Rifling through the stash and reorganizing it, that’s what. I started re-thinking colour a while ago, once it occurred to me that perhaps I was choosing particular colours for clothing out … Continue reading

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