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tip: sharpening pins

When I bought a new box of pins a while ago, I was disappointed to find that a fair number of them had a little ‘hook’ on the end that tended to snag fabric. I got myself a little sandpaper … Continue reading

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tip: getting blood out of fabric

The blood in Blood, Sweatshop & Tears comes from the inevitable (but fortunately infrequent) jabs from pins. So far, I’ve been lucky not to bleed on anything, but if it happens, I know what to do. Spit on it. (Saliva … Continue reading

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ease in drawstring trousers

Apparently someone would like to know how much ease should be included in drawstring trousers. Apparently that someone found my blog on the basis of that question, but they didn’t find their answer here. So here’s a little Google penance* … Continue reading

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tip: comforter cover ties

How to make putting your comforter in its cover easy, the Japanese way: sew ties to the corners and midpoints of the comforter itself (I used 8″ lengths of ½” wide twill tape, folded in half – I wouldn’t go … Continue reading

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tip: bobbin management

I often see tips on clever ways of storing all those damned bobbins. Here’s a thought: don’t. I have a handful of bobbins filled with my basic colours: black; white; navy; olive. I also have one for basting thread, which … Continue reading

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