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silver project 1: sleek maxi skirt

So this worked surprisingly well. Back in June, I made my first project using the silver knit (probably considered a sweater knit) and plain grey knit described here. I bought the silver because I had been thinking about some sparkle … Continue reading

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purple floral skirt

This is version 4 of my pleated skirt design. Another quilting cotton print what was I had in mind before I made the navy one, but quilting cotton wasn’t in the stash and navy linen-cotton was. See how far that … Continue reading

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navy pleated skirt

Since my last post, I have actually found my sewing mojo again. It was in a pile of low-risk projects, starting with this one. My one skirt doesn’t ordinarily get a lot of love because it is the coolest (temperature-wise) … Continue reading

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… is about the last word I’d use to describe this project. So it’s obvious that I won’t be wearing this to work or to lounge around at home. As dance costume, it’s automatically “special occasion wear”. With an ordinary … Continue reading

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green stripey trousers

A.k.a. those effing pants. I cut these out about a year (!) ago, after which point my good scissors went AWOL, and they still haven’t turned up. I had hoped to complete them in time for a little trip last … Continue reading

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grey trousers revisited

I made these trousers shortly before I started blogging and never posted about having made them as the intention of the blog was to encourage me to make new stuff, rather than talk about old stuff – not that I’ve … Continue reading

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ukiyo-e skirt

Digging into the sewing archives with today’s post. I made this one in June 2009. The fabric I love this fabric and have never seen anything like it before or since. It’s indigo printed on white cotton, and the images … Continue reading

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