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it’s curtains for you!

My husband asked me to make him some sheer curtains for his south-facing dorm room in the UK. He has black-out curtains, but nothing to both allow light in and block direct sun. (Yes, they do get direct sun occasionally.) … Continue reading

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garment bags, round 2: for long, full skirts

I have two very full, ankle-length tiered skirts for dance. In my current group, black is verboten, so my black skirt gets very little use and has been starting literally to collect dust. My red skirt gets used regularly, but … Continue reading

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garment bags

I have a few items in my closet that don’t get much use, so I thought I’d make some garment bags to keep the dust off. I traced a hanger, straightened the lines, and added “ease” and seam allowance. (Note … Continue reading

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shirt shortening, round 1

Here’s another low-risk project to get the sewing juices flowing. My husband bought four linen-cotton shirts – same cut, different colours – something like 5 years ago. He once mentioned that he found them a little long and if I … Continue reading

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navy pleated skirt

Since my last post, I have actually found my sewing mojo again. It was in a pile of low-risk projects, starting with this one. My one skirt doesn’t ordinarily get a lot of love because it is the coolest (temperature-wise) … Continue reading

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grey trousers revisited

I made these trousers shortly before I started blogging and never posted about having made them as the intention of the blog was to encourage me to make new stuff, rather than talk about old stuff – not that I’ve … Continue reading

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