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shirt shortening, round 2

OK, now to the good stuff – stuff for me! I bought these two linen shirts on sale (a few weeks apart) two, maybe three summers ago. My regular size seemed unusually narrow in the shoulders so I went up … Continue reading

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how not to use yarn

I am not a knitter but I’ve had a couple of projects using different sorts of yarn. My experience is very limited and quite sporadic, which is probably why I’ve made inappropriate choices and had more failures than successes. Exhibit … Continue reading

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bread bags

Dusting out the drafts folder today. I knew I hadn’t posted in a while, but yikes – 3 months! Christmastime, prepping for a trip, going on the trip, tediously blogging about the trip, etc etc etc, all of this prevented … Continue reading

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blue drawstring trousers

OK, so trousers haven’t been going super well for me. If you’re keeping count, you’ll know that I have one grey pair (too loose), one purple pair (too tight), and a stripey pair (too not done – though not actually … Continue reading

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a little history: medieval clothing

As I mentioned previously, much of the sewing I have done up to this point has been medieval. Please note that medieval doesn’t necessarily mean complicated – this ain’t no Tudor or Elizabethan wardrobe. This is a Norse (a.k.a. “Viking”) … Continue reading

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red linen skirt done!

Or technically, I should say “wearable”. I’ve basted the waist casing, so it’s not done done. But since the goal is wearing and I’ve gotten to that point, the “done” just doesn’t matter that much. “Wearable” is the climax; “done” … Continue reading

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red linen skirt progress

I’m pleased to report that the red linen skirt project is proceeding nicely. I last made one in 2008, and I seem to recall thinking at that time that I wouldn’t want to make more than one per year because … Continue reading

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