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silver project 1: sleek maxi skirt

So this worked surprisingly well. Back in June, I made my first project using the silver knit (probably considered a sweater knit) and plain grey knit described here. I bought the silver because I had been thinking about some sparkle … Continue reading

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purple floral skirt

This is version 4 of my pleated skirt design. Another quilting cotton print what was I had in mind before I made the navy one, but quilting cotton wasn’t in the stash and navy linen-cotton was. See how far that … Continue reading

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navy pleated skirt

Since my last post, I have actually found my sewing mojo again. It was in a pile of low-risk projects, starting with this one. My one skirt doesn’t ordinarily get a lot of love because it is the coolest (temperature-wise) … Continue reading

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ukiyo-e skirt

Digging into the sewing archives with today’s post. I made this one in June 2009. The fabric I love this fabric and have never seen anything like it before or since. It’s indigo printed on white cotton, and the images … Continue reading

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agonising over details: black silk skirt

For some reason, I’m finding it hard to make up my mind as to the details of this black silk skirt. I’ve done two knee-length skirts so far and thought of a bunch of things I could do differently on … Continue reading

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variation on a theme: jaipur skirt

The notion of making up the same pattern two or more times in a row is a little foreign to me. However, just having finished my red linen skirt, suddenly my jaipur skirt alterations looked manageable.

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red linen skirt done!

Or technically, I should say “wearable”. I’ve basted the waist casing, so it’s not done done. But since the goal is wearing and I’ve gotten to that point, the “done” just doesn’t matter that much. “Wearable” is the climax; “done” … Continue reading

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